Meet Steve Spitzer

Founder Jericho Circle Project

Steve Spitzer is a Professor of Sociology at Suffolk University where he has taught for over three decades.


While his academic career has been fulfilling, in the last decade he has found special inspiration in working directly with men behind bars. In 2002, he founded the Jericho Circle Project, a non-profit organization that seeks to “bring down the walls” by creating men’s support groups in correctional facilities.

Currently, these volunteer groups operate in four correctional institutions in Massachusetts. The Jericho Circle Project has also created and staffed a variety of intensive weekend workshops in both state and federal correctional settings and actively supported the development of similar programs in California and Wisconsin.

Jericho Circle Project’s Reach

Seeing men behind bars redirect their lives and embrace their fundamental goodness is what “floats Steve’s boat.” The next challenge for him is to develop training resources for outside facilitators and inside men.  He is currently exploring collaborations with other organizations and service providers to diversify and strengthen the quality of the experience that JCP offers on both sides of the wall.

Steve is currently working on a book on ways of reframing masculinity behind bars to help men “flip the script” and “reinvent” their lives. In addition to his writing projects, he is devoting his energies to projects that challenge the “masculinity scripts” that both send so many young men to prison and sabotage men who have served time upon their release.

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