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The Arrival

What would I be if I would be
the man that lives inside of me?
How could I see if I was blind?
When would I know when I’d arrived?
Where would I flee to escape from time
to break the chains that bond my mind?

No feet, no knees, no legs to walk
No tongue, no mouth, no voice to talk.
With arms so short and hands so small
How could I reach to climb the wall?

My name is spoke, I hear it clear
Though I have no drums inside my ears.
My heart still beats though it is stone.
My blood still flows though it is cold.

I breathe in deep, there is no air.
I exhale quick, release my fear.
It floats away up to the clouds.
I smell the rain, it showers down.

My skin feels pain, but there is none.
I close my eyes, I see the sun
and lavender skies I’ll leave behind,
The cool sea breeze, the ocean’s tide.

Divine intervention helps me survive.
I only know how, I don’t know why.
What could I be if I would see
The gifts of sights epiphany?

I open my eyes and see the signs
To weaken the chains and break their bind.
I choose to live, I live to shine.
I’ve freed my mind, I’ve now arrived.