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Jericho Integrity Circles

Meeting on a regular (usually weekly) basis within institutions, these circles offer inmates useful and accessible tools to heal their wounds in the crucible of the prison setting. Accountability for behavior and integrity (congruence between what we say and what we do) is a cornerstone of the circle-building process. Within the prison circles, men are held accountable for their actions and commitments. By speaking and acting on their truth and touching basic feelings, men discover what it means to be authentic on every level. The purpose of this training is to prepare inmates to speak and “own” their emotions and behaviors in a setting which demands that they see themselves and others clearly. In addition, these circles help men develop critical skills in conflict resolution to safely and effectively express feelings without violence. The crisis of incarceration can motivate men to re-examine their lives and to explore new paths and directions. Jericho Integrity Circles provide safe containers for inmates to do this work.