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Protected: Jericho Circles: Updates

The Power of Inner Work
The problem is that people think they’re supposed to be courageous in facing the outside world, whereas what is so profoundly transformative is the courage to look at yourself. It’s the courage to not give up on yourself, even though you do see your aggression, jealousy, meanness, and so on. And it turns out that in facing these things, we develop not self-denigration but compassion for our shared humanity.” ~ Pema Chodron

·      Two intensive weekends were held at MCI-Norfolk in March and September (see March photo below)

·      A workshop “Humpty Dumpty Behind Bars: “Working with Parts in Men’s Prison Circles” was offered to psychology staff at FMC Devens (Federal Bureau of Prisons) in May

·      “Beyond the Usual Suspects: Working with ‘Monsters’ and ‘Critters’ in Prison Groups” was presented by JCP Board members Steve Spitzer and Bill WIch at the Annual Conference of the Center for Self Leadership in Providence, RI in October

·      JCP was recently invited to attend a special meeting of the Massachusetts Parole Board to describe the approach and techniques that we use in our circles.  As our circles inside have grown in size and reputation, increasing numbers of men are describing the value of their insights in Jericho Circles to the board.  The Board wants to learn more about that work and its impact—a development that should serve all parties involved.

·    In December,  JCP participated in a national planning and development summit of prison healing programs held in Marin County, California. The Inside Circle Program (CA), Truth Project (WI), and Freedom Writers Program (CA) were also represented.

MCI Norfolk Weekend Intensive Staffers, March 2013
MCI Norfolk Sept. 14-15, 2013

MCI Norfolk Sept. 14-15, 2013

Opening Doors Within and Without

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