“I’ve seen many men cry, touch each other, share from the gut and the heart. To witness men inside prison opening in these ways, despite the harsh training to stay closed and tough … has brought me a hope and joy for the goodness and resilience in men – and for the safety and sanity of the world I live in.” – Jericho Circle Project Staff

Steven Spitzer, Ph.D.

Steve is married and lives in Bolton, Massachusetts with his wife Susan. He and Susan have three adult children and a granddaughter. Steve taught Sociology at Suffolk University in Boston for 36 years. He holds a Ph.D. from Indiana University and has had extensive training in transformational work with men, group process and personal healing. He retired from teaching in 2016 and is currently Professor Emeritus at Suffolk University. Steve founded the Jericho Circle Project in 2002 where he serves as President.

Steve became passionate about healing work with men in prisons when he discovered, through his own journey, that initiation could be a powerful vehicle of personal and social change. Based in part on his experiences and training with The Mankind Project and The Inside Circle Foundation, Steve helped develop, refine and apply the Jericho Circle model. Over the last 15 years, the model has been applied and refined in more than a dozen correctional institutions in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Wisconsin and California.

Steve has received extensive training and certifications in Internal Family Systems, Integrative Restoration, Family Constellations, psychodrama, trauma interventions and other healing modalities. He has published numerous articles, edited collections, poems and essays on emotional maturity and other “journeys of the heart” for men.

Steve currently serves as the Mission Coordinator for the Mankind Project in New England and has received the Ron Hering Mission of Service Award from the Mankind Project in 2003. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Inside Circle Foundation in California.

Lawrence Cotton, P.E.
Chief Operating Officer

Larry lives in Norwood, MA. He retired in 2016 from a career as a structural engineer. He is close to his family, most of whom live nearby. His interests include photography, dogs, camping, hiking, and social justice issues. Larry is active in his Unitarian-Universalist congregation and in the ManKind Project.

Larry joined Jericho Circle in April of 2008 at MCI-Norfolk where he has continuously sat in weekly circles. He has staffed a total of 16 Jericho Circle Weekend Intensives at MCI-Norfolk, Bay State, and FMC Devens. Larry has also served with the Inner Truth Circle at the ACI-Moran Correctional Institute in Rhode Island and has staffed a Weekend Intensive with the Truth Project in Wisconsin.

He has participated in several trainings in leadership and facilitation skills offered by the ManKind Project.

In 2009 Larry completed a four-year apprenticeship program in Emotional Kinesthetic Psychotherapy — a form of heart centered body psychotherapy. He brings this learning to men’s circles behind prison walls. Larry feels honored to be a catalyst in the creation of physically and emotionally safe space where men can access their deeper feelings, wounds, and truths as a pathway to healing.

Larry is our liaison with the Administration at MCI-Norfolk and has served as Jericho Circle’s Chief Operating Officer since 2011.

In 2015 Larry received the MCI-Norfolk Volunteer of the Year Award as well as the Ron Hering Mission of Service Award given by the ManKind Project.

Vernell P. Ludwig, M.B.A.
Vice President

Vern and his wife, Susan, were married in 1968 and live in Watertown, MA. Their two children and two grandchildren live in the greater Boston area. He is retired and his interests include cycling, poetry, electronics, and woodworking. He is an active student of the Ridhwan School and its Diamond Heart work, and in the spiritual tradition of All Nations Lodge Ceremonies.

He began weekly Volunteer work in prison with inmates at FMC Devens in late 2001. He has volunteered continuously since in State prisons in MA, RI, WI, CA, and NY. He has served Jericho as Vice President since 2002.

He grew up in northern IA and earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Iowa State University in 1966. He was on active duty in the Mekong delta region of Vietnam in 1967 and 1968 as a Navy Civil Engineer Corp Officer and was awarded the Navy Commendation Medal with Combat V for his service. In 1972, he earned an MBA from Harvard Business School. He then worked for several years in home building and real estate development in IN and MA, followed by energy consulting. From 1975 to 1995, he was with Panhandle Eastern Corporation of Houston TX. His assignments included seven years as EVP and President of Algonquin Gas Transmission, an interstate natural gas pipeline subsidiary in Boston, and later as VP of Corporate Development, in Houston. After three years as President of Test Devices, a jet engine test provider in MA, he retired in 2002.

William H. Cuddy, J.D.

Bill Cuddy has volunteered for Jericho Circle weekend intensive prison trainings since 2003 at FMC Devens, Walpole, Bay State and MCI-Norfolk . He co-facilitated for about five years Inner Truth Circle weekly meetings at Moran prison in Rhode Island, and has staffed TRUTH Project weekend intensives at Oshkosh and Racine prisons in Wisconsin. He believes he has done nothing more important since he started this volunteering.

He practiced corporate, securities and administrative law for 39 years with a major firm in Connecticut and served as its chairman. He is married to Vivien Blackford, an active criminal justice reformer, has three daughters, a stepdaughter, a stepson, and six grandchildren. He also lives with two dogs and two cats.

He was born in New York City, raised in and near Columbus, Ohio, and educated at Yale College and Yale Law School. He was chairman of a Michigan investment firm, and a director of three private schools, for two of which he was also president, a non-profit psychiatric hospital and three ballet and modern dance companies, two of which he also served as president. He was a hospice patient volunteer, and one of his dogs worked with him as a hospice therapy dog. He is active in his church as a vestry member and in other capacities. He is Treasurer of a new prison re-entry ministry in southeastern Connecticut.

His other interests include travel, hiking, seeing plays, reading, taking courses, and walking in the woods with his dogs.

Jonathan Hickok

Jon lives in Massachusetts with his wife and dog.  He began weekly volunteer work with inmates at MCI Norfolk in 2013 and has served Jericho as board member and treasurer since 2014. He works as a CFO for a real estate development company and is actively involved with the ManKind Project, a strategic partner of Jericho.

Jerry Kahn, RPH

Jerry and his wife, Carol, were married in 1982 and lives in Wauwatosa, WI. Their two children and one grandchild live in California. He is currently working at the Aurora Psychiatric Hospital as a Behavioral Health Therapist after receiving his MSW in June 2017. He had been practicing as a pharmacist since 1981. His interests include hiking, camping, and reading.

Jerry joined The Wisconsin TRUTH Program in September of 2006 at OSCI and opened RCI in August of 2009 where he has continuously sat in weekly circles. Jerry is the President of the TRUTH Project in Wisconsin. He has staffed Jericho Circle Weekend Intensives at MCI-Norfolk and Bay State Correctional Center. Jerry has co-led Facilitator trainings at Norfolk and in Wisconsin. Jerry has also staffed Inside Circle Weekend Intensives at Folsom, CA.

Jerry was a leader in International organization the ManKind Project and participated and led The New Warrior Training Adventure for 15 years across the United States and in other countries. Jerry brings a fierce determination to support men in their feelings. He fosters the belief that men already have the answers to their problems within themselves and supports the men in their quest for those hidden truths. Jerry is very passionate about teaching both the Inside and Outside men to learn to facilitate themselves and others toward a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle in their relationships with themselves and others.

Michael Corson

Mike lives in Maine where he is designing and building an urban homestead” using Permaculture principles. He is an entrepreneur and the owner of a number of different enterprises: Mike Corson Painting, FauxSational Creations, Properties with Panache and Healing Parts. He graduated from the University of Southern Maine in 2008, with a Bachelors’ Degree in Business Administration and a minor in Accounting.

Mike is passionate about healing, personal growth, community building, and criminal justice reform. He has developed and applied his creative energies as a practitioner of an eastern-based spiritual path, and has received clinical training in Internal Family Systems Therapy.  Mike has offered workshops and training modules at conferences organized and sponsored by the Center for Self Leadership where he has demonstrated how standard therapeutic approaches can be applied in non-traditional settings working with non-traditional populations. He is also a 5-Rhythms dancer and volunteers in a local Permaculture community. Most recently he has been engaged in community building effort serving Youth in the Portland area  with Maine Inside Out.

David Roelant, Ph.D.

In his professional career to date, Dr. David Roelant has secured over $100M in research funding since 1978 in environmental, energy and nuclear areas. He has worked in academia, industry, national laboratories and government contractors. He has served as CEO of a small High-Tech firm; a division Director in a large corporation; and as manager on over 20 multimillion dollar research programs.

Personally, he has served as a Board member or Chair of 11 nonprofits including several LGBTQAA organizations, Unitarian Universalist Association congregations, Jericho Circle Project, and the Mankind Project USA where he has helped secure several grants. He resides in Naples, FL and works in Miami, FL.

Recreational interests include: world travel; skiing, and volleyball. Passions include: daughter, fiancée; men’s work (emotional intelligence, healing, and life transformation) trainings; poetry; and meditation. He has training in becoming a better Ally for target groups; gender and sexual orientation awareness; emotional intelligence; psychodrama; healthy masculinity; life mission mapping; nonprofit leadership; suicide prevention; Voice Dialog; Nonviolent Communication; Shadow Work; and Internal Family Systems.

He has project, program and funds development expertise and organizational planning, development and leadership. He has led workshops in all these areas. His life’s mission is “to co-create a world of love and passion by healing and loving myself, ALL others, and the planet. He has donated over 24 gallons of blood; mentors several men and women; and engages in dialog and other conversations with members of target groups in order to become a better ally for ALL others.

Ben Littauer

Ben Littauer is a facilitator and facilitation trainer for the Jericho Circle Project. Ben received his bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Harvard University in 2003. Upon graduation, he worked for three years for the Pentagon in support of U.S. nationbuilding activities in Afghanistan, including a one-year tour at the American Embassy in Kabul. Subsequently, he worked at Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley for six years as part of a Boston-based private wealth management team. Most recently, he served as the Director of Corporate Business Development for The Program, a special ops veteran-led leadership development and team building company that works with major corporations as well as professional and collegiate athletic teams. In addition to his involvement in Jericho Circle, Ben is an active member of The ManKind Project and a co-founder of Shadow Magicians, a container-based initiative that promotes transformational inner work at MIT. He lives in Somerville, MA and in his spare time he enjoys reading, downhill skiing, and travel.

William Wich

After gaining his Aerospace Engineering degree from Notre Dame in 1971, Bill spent 26 years in the automotive industry. He became a manger at Ford Engineering and then a National Manager at Toyota Product Planning. He started his spiritual journey after having a spiritual awakening in 1990. He was initiated into the ManKind Project in 1991.

Through reading hundreds of books, attending many workshops and leading numerous Men’s Initiation Trainings, Bill has become a self-taught Master healer and facilitator. He is also a certified Hypnotherapist. In addition to becoming a Certified Leader, Leader Trainer, Leader Body Chair and then Curriculum Chair in MKP, Bill has co-founded numerous trainings and has worked with boys, young men, women, men and convicts.

Since 1999, Bill has facilitated healing circles in over 45 trainings inside Folsom, Boston and Wisconsin prisons and is currently on the board of directors of the Inside Circle and Jericho Circle Prison Programs. He has developed his own unique healing approach that includes advanced parts work and Spirit Releasement techniques. He conducts a number of trainings each year teaching his healing methods. He has also developed a unique theory on how the Universe works which unifies ancient wisdom teachings with the latest advancements in science and the humanities.